Our vision is to put together innovators who can change how we interact and live on earth, and investors who can make their commercial plan a global reality.

We have expertise in strategy, finance, media, branding, sales, marketing, R&D , manufacturing, regulatory, governance, private equity, M&A, MBO & IPOs.

We pride ourselves on meeting the business needs of high growth enabling technology organisations and stakeholders from high tech sectors such as Nanotechnology to Biotechnology, in addition to Digital Media, IOT, Graphene, 2D and Big Data.

 We have a global network who are engaged in the most exciting commercial technology and investors who are keen to help deliver disruptive global strategies.

This network, along with our work with Nano Media Group, The World Nano Foundation and World Science Aid, produces a deal flow that is very rich, varied and highly disruptive.

We have introduced our innovation partners to billion dollar ethical, philanthropic, corporate investors, government agencies, family offices and institutional pension funds to meet our client's needs.

We introduce companies to industry partners and non-dilutive funding routes, and have helped many companies go from early stage start-ups to more established global players in their field.

Our team and partners have a complete knowledge and success in global innovation as well as accessing grants for match funding such as Horizon 20/20 in Europe, the global innovation fund, China Gateway Fund, Innovate UK and many others beside. 

Our methodology is built around understanding the ultimate vision for companies and delivering a path that gets them to their goals without breaking the no go red lines in their philosophy. But it is important to us that we put shareholder value and ROI first.

If you are looking for new partners, we have a network of over 70,000 people and organisations in over 40 countries; ensuring we can create collaboration at any point on the commercial journey.

Our team has won numerous awards and accolades for our work.